OR International LTD

About ORI Ltd

ORI Ltd is currently a developer and manager of private specialty hospitals and also works with NHS hospitals on clinical and operations performance improvement. Work in the UK is based on identifying international best practices in clinical care management and administration and implementing these in efficient integrated care pathways and like models that deliver demonstrably superior results. ORI is currently developing a network of high performance private hospitals in the UK that will serve private pay and NHS patients.

The hospitals will provide inpatient and day-case services in orthopedics, general surgery, ophthalmology and other elective care. Adopting integrated care pathways as a fundamental means of managing the clinical enterprise, these hospitals will be known for providing services at low-cost but with very high clinical quality. ORI will be contracting with doctors using 'co-management agreements' to ensure a joint approach to working with pathways to achieve cost and quality objectives.

Focusing on improving hospital quality performance in the U.K., ORI Ltd works with NHS hospitals as consultants to achieve step-change improvements in clinical quality and efficiency. Improvements include the implementation of integrated clinical pathways to reduce length of stays, clinical complications and the goal of achieving integration with community resources to speed discharges and prevent unnecessary admissions.

Results at an NHS district hospital include: 30% reduction in lengths of stay in medical unplanned inpatient care, national leadership in rapid disposition of emergency room cases,and quality improvements to exceed national case quality targets.